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MAKER weekend of creativity & prayer

The fifth annual [MAKE]R weekend starts the first Friday in October.  Our home gets flooded with some of the most creative and inspirational women I have the privilege of knowing.  We rest, create, pray, celebrate, catch our breath and encourage one another so we can go back into our worlds rested and with a full heart. The days begin with community and a time of praise and prayer.  Throughout the day we have skill share workshops in things ranging from homemaking to herbalism and art.  For out of town guest space is limited. Locals are invited to sign up and be part.  It is a weekend that is truly without words to describe.  It leaves my heart so full and overflowing. This is a donation based community event at our studio, some meals are provided. A list of supplies will be provided. If you would like to help contribute to this weekend or be part please message me for details and availability.  Ladies get ready to craft on with your bad self!